The people

Air mandalay employs highly qualified flight and cabin crew as well as Ground service and maintenance staff. Yangon Airway's employees are thoroughly trained, both in-house and abroad, prior to active duty.

Air mandalay pilots constantly keep up their level of competency with simulator and flight training under the supervision of qualified flight instructors. Engineers also update their knowledge and expertise by attending training courses, technical seminars and operator's conferences.

Training programs for in-flight staff are designed to meet the objectives of our service policy. Our skilled in-flight staff with their charming personalities, courteous attitudes and traditional Myanmar hospitality will make your journey a most joyful experience.

Our Shared Vision

Air mandalay believes that efficient communication is an essential component of the modern world environment. Better transportation will bring about the smoother flow of traffic and will contribute to the development of the economic and social well-being of the society in which we live. We shall serve our society and be worthy of earning fair rewards from it.

Corporate Policy

Air mandalay adopts a progressive approach for upgrading service and performance. Maintaining our fleet to the highest standards of operational readiness, safety and reliability is always high on the agenda of Air mandalay. We strongly believe that by taking a greater sense of responsibility in serving our passengers, we will earn their trust and confidence.

The Fleet

Air mandalay operates new ATR 72-210s powered by Pratt & Whitney PW-127 engines and fitted with state-of-the-art avionics system. The aircraft have an impressive exterior and appealing interior, a highly efficient performance and extra quiet operating conditions. They are configured to carry 70 passengers with 30-inch seat pitch. Yangon Airway's aircraft are maintained to the highest standards of airworthiness requirements.

Corporate Profile

Air mandalay was established in October 1996 as a domestic airline in a Joint venture between Myanma Airways, the state-owned national airline and Krong-Sombat Co. of Thailand. In October 1997, MHE-Mayflower Co. acquired Krong-Sombat's shares in Air mandalay and since then the airline has evolved into a principal domestic airline operating scheduled and charter services from Yangon to 13 prime commercial and tourist destinations in Myanmar.

Service Philosophy

Air mandalay embraces the Myanmar philosophy that one's kindness and affection will be reflected to oneself. Sincerity, politeness and honesty are unique attributes of the Myanmar people.

Passengers are the most important persons for us. We are for the passengers and we will give them the most courteous treatment. We are sensitive to the feelings and needs of our passengers. We are proud of our airline and expect our passengers will also take pride in traveling with Air mandalay.

Corporate Identity

Elephants, in Myanmar history and civilization, are significant creatures in helping society will strong and loyal service. They are hardworking and their loyalty to their masters is as outstanding as their mighty strength. In our history, the elephants are noble animals which played an important role in the development of various Myanmar kingdoms. They served as the royal carriages for all our famous kings.

Their service in the armed forces and the production and transportation industries is also significant in the development to the nation.Sin Phyu (the White Elephant) is very rare and Myanmar kings took great pride in possessing Sin Phyu Taw (the Royal White Elephant) as their royal insignia. They used them as their personal mount for royal ceremonial occasions and tours.

Air mandalay, with the spirit and power of the Sin Phyu Taw enhanced by a pair of wings, will bring the service and faithfulness of the legendary Sin Phyu Taw Pyan (the Flying Royal White Elephant) into Myanmar skies to serve all our valued passengers.

Our Flight Crew

Air mandalay aircraft commanders, who are responsible for your ultimate safety and comfort , are by no means ordinary professionals . The sophisticated flight Deck of the ATR 72-210, a new generation turbo-prop airliner with a modern Cockpit, demands pilots with a high level of skill. To this end we have recruited experienced airline pilots and provided them with extensive training at the aircraft manufacturer's training center in Toulouse, France. Furthermore, to ensure that a high standard of proficiency is maintained, mandatory recurrent training is also carried out twice every year at the A. T. R's facility in Bangkok. Our aim is to make our flights reliable, comfortable and safe. You are in good hands.

Cabin Crew

Beautiful Myanmar belles are eagerly awaiting to serve you on board our sleek aircraft. Combining their training with our famous Myanmar hospitality, these gracious young ladies will do their best to make your flights with us a memorable one. Relax and enjoy the experience.


Being French - registered the certificate of Airworthiness for Air mandalay ATR - 72 aircraft is issued and renewed annually by the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC). Continued airworthiness of the aircraft is the responsibility of Yangon Airway's team of engineering staff. These skilled technicians are licensed engineers in their various fields and have all undergone thorough training at the approved ATR training centre. Recurrent component and system manufacturer training is also done to be better informed of the latest developments and to enhance their efficiency.



Domestic Guide for your safety and comfort

Please return to your seat whenever the "FASTEN SEAT BELT" sign is illuminated. During take-off and landing, please be sure that your tray table is folded away, and your seat back is returned to the upright position. As turbulence is sometimes unpredictable, we recommend that while seated you keep your seat belt fastened at all times.

For more details, please check the "Safety Instruction Card" in the seat pocket in front of you. Please remember that emergency equipment, must not be touched during the flight. Passengers are advised that anyone interfering with or obstructing flight deck or cabin crew in the performance of their duties is liable to criminal prosecuting. Charges can be brought and fines and prison sentences imposed.

Carry on interdicted

For safety reasons, dangerous articles such as those listed below, must not be carried in passengers baggage.

Compressed gases: (Deeply refrigerated, flammable, nonflammable and poisonous) such as butane, oxygen, liquid, nitrogen, aqualung cylinders. corrosives- such as acid, alkalis mercury and wet cell batteries. explosives- munitions, fireworks and flares. Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter fuel, matches, paints, thinners, fire-Lighters. Radioactive materials other dangerous articles-such as magnetized material, offensive or irritating materials (such as knifes, sward, stick, clubs, arrows, tear-gases etc.).

Thanks for your full cooperation, if you have any question, please contact out staff.


Smoking is prohibited for the entire flight on all our routes and is strictly prohibited in the lavatories.

Electronic restrictions

We ask you for your cooperation to comply with the following electronic restriction from the moment the entry-door of the aircraft close until open again at your destination. As some electronic devices may interfere with the aircraft's navigation equipment, the use of the following items is prohibited throughout the flight: citizens' band radios, cellular phones, remote-controlled toys and transmitting devices.

Prohibited during take-off and landing (under 10,000 feet): personal audio and video devices (CD/ MD/ VCD/ DVD/ MP3/ disc player/ TV receiver), video camera and peripheral VCR, electronic entertainment devices. Computer and peripheral devices (laptop/ PDA/ electronic dictionary/ calculator) and radio receiver.

The captain is authorized to suspend the use by a passenger of any electronic devices He considers may interfere with the aircraft's navigation system or otherwise affect flight safety.

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