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Corporate identity


Main logo or Air Bagan, the LOTUS in Myanmar culture symbolizes purity, and the promise of man to aim for the highest within himself. This logo, which will be a focal point of our Corporate Identity, communicates a synthesis of bold, modern entrepreneurial principles, our aim to be the best combined with Myanmar culture, which we believe will be a symbol of achievement for a new era.


The glory of The Lotus


The lotus flower in Myanmar is known as the Padonmar Kyar (Nelumbium speciosum). It blooms high out of lake waters on a graceful stem and has long been symbol of purity and the ability to rise to glory. The flowers symbolizes the best in man that he could achieve for himself, and to proudly hold his head high like the blossom on its stem. Fragrant and delicate-looking yet with strength rising high, the lotus has long been a deep-rooted part of religious beliefs and culture in Myanmar.

In the old Buddhist text Zi-natta Pakar Thani, it is recorded that on leaving the palace to start life as an aesthetic, Prince Siddhartha was offered a set of monk's robes by a Brahma, a celestial being of the highest order, who had found them in a lotus blossom. Thus on religious days such as the Full Moon of Thadingyut or Tazaungdaing, both festivals of light, robes called " Lotus Robes" specially woven are offered to Buddha images in pagodas. Ninety years ago a lady of Inle Lake invented a true lotus robe when she experimented with fibers pulled from the stem to weave into robes to offer to her revered Abbot. The traditional of this lotus fiber weaving still continues to this day on Inle Lake, and can be found in no other part of the world.

Buddha images are often enshrined on thrones with lotus motifs, in the same way that the Myanmar kings had one throne out of the requisite nine carved in mango wood with lotus designs. The stupas of pagodas have a band of small and large petals high on the spire called the lotus petals.

On the family shrine, no other flower has a more magnificent aura than fresh lotus buds offered to the Buddha. One of the five attributes of a perfect woman is that her breath has the fragrance of lotus "May you be as fresh as a Padonmar lotus," is a wish often voiced by elders to the younger-generation. Indeed, what more could one ask?



To contribute towards development of Tourism and Air Transport Industry in Myanmar, offering high quality Customer Service on every flight we operate, as well as produce a fair return on investments.




Aircraft fleet

Our current fleet consists of two Fokker 100 jet, two ATR 72, three ATR 42 turbo-prop aircraft and two Airbus A 310.


 Airbus A 310.


Fokker 100.


ATR 72.


ATR 42.




Cockpit crew


Air Bagan employs a mix of local and foreign pilots who have accumulated thousands of flight hours flying all over Myanmar and various parts of the world, adept and experience with all types of terrain and weather conditions.





Air Bagan is intent on making both cabin and ground services, customer oriented. It is our pledge to provide safe, affordable, reliable, courteous and efficient air transportation service on every flight we operate. We are confident that our flight attendants and ground service personnel will be able to make you comfortable, and ensure that you are completely satisfied with "Safe Flight. Better Services" of Air Bagan. 





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